November 19

How do I Learn Best at School?

I personally learn best when having fun. People just need to put the drama aside and enjoy whatever they’re doing! It may be the least interesting assignment one can think of, but if you have fun with it, you will learn from it as well. I also learn well during group assignments. Most people usually want to be with their friends. I try to make sure it that my partner and I both know when to be serious and when to be joking around.

The perfect example of having fun while working would be in seventh grade social studies. We did many simulations based off of the lesson. This was an effective way to retain information because you are put in the situation as it is in the lesson in a fun way.

November 19

What do you like best about Technology?

What do you like best about Technology?

I personally like many things about technology. The fact that it is constantly changing is a part of the list. Many people would agree that social media connects people in a more effective way and can help spread awareness. People are constantly communicating. Just being able to have a camera on a portable cell phone is also a step forwards compared to 30 years ago. This goes back to how technology is constantly changing. Twitter is a huge platform used to spread awareness. According to Wikipedia, “Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, called “tweets.” Many people use it as a blog, as promotion, or just to tweet about their everyday lives. On the other hand, some use it to tweet their victim stories of racism, sexism, classism, or any other –ism you could think of. And this is what I like most about technology.

March 27

Pirating or Plagiarizing is illegal?

—Why do you think it’s illegal for people to pirate or plagiarize other people’s work?

I think it is illegal for people to pirate or plagiarize other people’s work because someone out there takes their time to make their best creative work possible, but people steal it and do not give credit. How would you feel if you worked so hard on your “The problem has not gone away” speech, and someone steals it and performs it in front of the class before you get the chance? You would have done all the hard work. It is easy to steal pirate or plagiarize someone’s work, but the fact that it is illegal makes it possible for people to protect their creative work

March 20

My Metacognity

Some activities are hard to learn. And maybe some are not. But the best way to learn is to have perseverance and keep trying.

When I started to learn how to wave-board, at first it was probably one of the hardest things I have learned to do. Being the visual and kinetic learner I am, I first saw someone wave board and I tried on the sand of the beach as well. It was time to get to get in the water. First, my cousin went. As he went. I took notes. He was a natural. When it was my turn, I entered the water. But I was not a natural. I’m wearing the wave boarding “shoes” and floating in the water. They throw the rope I am supposed to hold on to. And then, the boat starts its engine. And once it manages to pick me up, I fall face forward. And again, and again, and again. But I just keep on trying. Eventually, I was able to wave board and I lasted a while. But it was all a learning process that happened because I didn’t give up.

Although, when I first removed the training wheels from my bike, it did not go as planned. I thought that I was ready and able to remove my training wheels, so I did. At first, it was perfect. I was being held on by my sister and she was telling me what to do when she would let go. But once I arrived at the sidewalk, she decided to let go. And right then and there, I realized there was a small bump with a  crack in the middle of it. Once I had spotted it, it was already too late. The wheel of the bike entered the crack and I flew off my bike. I slide I hit the ground which led to a huge scar on my knee. Till this day, when I see my scar, I know that I cannot learn just by listening to what one has to say.

March 15

What is Technology?

Technology is any man-made item used to help in life. When you think of technology, you typically would only think about phones, computers, and anything electronic. Technology is a verity of shortcuts to make our lives way easier. writing implements, chairs, tables, are resources we use that help us and they are all versions of technology.

Concerning technology, I want to learn more about shortcuts on computers to get to what I need faster. Also, I want to learn how to program computer and websites. I want to be able to make my own website that I can share with friends and family.

March 21

Was I sick?

In April 2015, I felt really sick. My lungs were hurting really badly. Not knowing what I had, I was brought to the doctor and hospital almost everyday for a whole week. The first doctor I visited decided to have me do blood tests. She said I had anemia, which is when you do not have enough iron in your body. The next doctor told me to take an X-ray. He said that my lungs were perfectly fine. The third doctor I went to said that an organ was too big. The fourth doctor said that the organ is the right size and that the third doctor who said my organ was to big was wrong because he is a doctor for adults. We didn’t know who to believe and went to the USA. The doctor there, from the children hospital said that nothing was wrong and that I had a virus that affected my lungs. I was in the USA for a week and wasn’t actually sick, so I missed a week of school which was the week before spring break. It was like I was on vacation. I didn’t waste my time thinking I was sick and decided to eat all the foods and do all the activities I missed.